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iTunein.com’s goal will be to encourage, facilitate and profit from the development of all forms of digital media by being the premier, comprehensive resource on the Internet for digital media producers, creators and consumers.  iTunein.com will become the leading portal on the Internet for all forms of digital media, and will revolutionize the creation, distribution and consumption of digital media by:

  • Serving as the marketplace for the commission and purchase of original digital media content such as independent movies, movie shorts, documentaries, animated short and full length films, Flash vignettes, etc.

  • Enabling artists in the distribution and marketing of their work by providing online samples at no cost

  • Enabling talented digital artists with few connections or resources the chance to distribute their work and showcase their talent

  • Enabling small digital production companies the chance to display their services online, increasing their viability

  • Enabling digital media software developers to demo their product on the site

  • Promoting digital entertainment content for major TV networks and movie studios

  • Offering fans and aficionados of digital media instant access anywhere in the world to a substantial selection of releases from across the globe at very reasonable prices