In’s continuing effort to promote and encourage independent film makers, presents the embryonic beginnings of what we hope will one day be a highly successful feature film: The Lucifer Cell.

The United States of America was rapidly disintegrating after a small group of radicals successfully launched makeshift attacks against two American cities. Using retaliation for these attacks as an excuse, the United States launched preemptive attacks against two sovereign nations killing thousands, thereby serving to globally fan the flames of fear, hatred and retaliation. These U.S. actions were also the genesis of a new military alliance between India, China and Russia, who together feared they might be America’s next targets. Concurrently, in America, the ravings of radical liberals, neo-conservatives and religious extremists began spreading like a mind virus infecting people from all walks of life. Certain members of government were not immune to this contagion as their calls for action accelerated the erosion of the rights of all citizens, contributing to attacks on the Constitution of the United States and an overall decline in the rule of law. Faced with a failing economy and growing divisions among its citizens, the government of the United States was unable to produce enough food to feed its growing population, and clean water was becoming a precious resource. America was also almost completely dependent on China and others for all consumer goods except oil, having long since forsaken American manufacturing capabilities and industries. As problems continued to mount, opportunistic politicians were heard questioning whether the country was the victim of some diabolical plan to destroy America from within.